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About Trevor & Testimonies


Trevor Santor is the founder and director of Baseball Genesis. After a playing career in college at both Grand Canyon University and Arizona Christian University, he began his coaching journey shortly thereafter. After coaching two years at the high school level, Trevor coached two years at the NAIA level at Olivet Nazarene University where he served as the hitting coach, recruiting coordinator, and head strength & conditioning coach. 

Awesome Coach! My son said he feels like he is swinging better already after 1 lesson! Coach Trevor changed some stuff up for him and he loves it!


Baseball Mom

My twelve year old has been working with Coach Trevor for a little over a month and has gained a lot more confidence. I decided to try Coach Trevor because my son started baseball later than most children and was having a hard time reaching their skill level. The coach has a very uplifting and friendly personality that has helped my son feel more comfortable attending practices. So far I've noticed many improvements and will continue to work with Coach Trevor.


Baseball Mom

Coach Trevor started right at the beginning, and did a great job evaluating my son's swing. His observations and suggestions were thoroughly explained and I saw immediate results. My son enjoyed the session immensely and got a lot out of the tough hour. Excellent experience that I fully expect to be continued.


Baseball Dad

Coach Trevor was an excellent coach. He analyzed my son's swing and made some adjustments to allow him to be more successful in the batter's box. This year my son has developed this weird fear of the baseball. Coach Trevor worked him to to get past the fear and focus on making good contact on the ball. I would definitely recommend Coach Trevor to others.


Baseball Dad

Coach Trevor worked very well with my 8 year old. He was able to show my son some quick fixes to help his swing. My son had a game that night and ended up getting a home run! His first for the season.


Baseball Mom

Coach Trevor was awesome! I can only do so much as far as teaching my son Baseball. Having Trevor as a coach to a 8 year old, I could see the improvements right away! Not only did he correct his baseball swing, but my son came out of the first session extremely content and confident! I would recommend Trevor as a one on one coach to anyone!


Baseball Dad


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Hitting Analysis & Swing Plan


By: Trevor Santor

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