The Hidden Danger Within The Baseball Culture That Can Veer Your Son Away From The Christian Faith... And What You Can Do To Stop It!

This report is completely free and in it, you'll discover...

  • The best approaches to keep your son on a righteous path

  • Why putting your son's worth in his baseball performance is usually A BIG MISTAKE ...and what to do instead

  • Why it's OK to let your son fail and struggle, and what to say...

  • The one thing you should NEVER do when trying to keep your son faithful ...even though most people do it all the time

About Trevor Santor

After a devastating baseball accident that led Trevor to his "hit the wall" moment, the Lord completely transformed Trevor's heart and mission for the game of baseball. No longer was it about making himself famous, but making the Lord Jesus Christ famous, and teaching others about the Kingdom of God through baseball, and using the game to glorify God through it all.

This report is an outstanding resource for all baseball players and parents, especially those just entering high school and beyond. As the parent of a collegiate player, and a true “baseball dad,” I can testify that players will encounter many of the dangers listed in this report as an observer or participant, regardless of their background or upbringing. Trevor captures the essence of our lives as faith-filled followers of Christ first, and everything else second. It is in this way that we overcome life’s “dangers” and truly succeed in baseball and in life.

Brian Goslee

Director of Changed Through Faith Ministries

This was a great report. It is a great reminder of how seriously our kids take baseball.  To some parents it's a just a game, or an after school activity. Which makes it very easy to lose sight of how much pressure our children are really feeling. This report really makes you stop and think about how easily our kids could head down the wrong path if not guided in the right direction!

Shari Norton

Mother of 12 Year Old Baseball Player

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